Six healthy habits effective for preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Here are out 6 steps that we can take to be proactive and defend against Dementia or Alzheimer’s:

Six Habits

  1. Exercise
  2. Healthy Diet
  3. Mental Stimulation
  4. Quality Sleep
  5. Stress Management
  6. Social Engagement

Exercising (1) is a bit of challenge for seniors and we see this problem every day.  Seniors are not mobile enough and complain about wanting to get up and get out.  The brain needs to move the body, it makes sense, right?  Our property in Leander sits on 8 acres of beautiful land, perfect for a nice walk with fresh country air.

A healthy diet (2) is important and is often overlooked.  Eating well has to start with fresh ingredients and home cooked meals.  We hand pick our groceries and prepare fresh meals daily.  You can’t expect to feel well, if you don’t eat well.

Mental Stimulation (3) can happen through exercise, board games, working out in the garden (in the morning or late afternoon if it’s not too hot), and feeling challenged to accomplish.  Family members can help out their elderly loved ones by  getting them to recall memories about family experiences.

Seniors need to get quality sleep (4) which entails following a good sleep pattern, though this doesn’t mean staying in bed all day long.

A great way for your elderly loved ones is to reduce stress (5) through exercise, and be in a caring environment with trustworthy care takers which starts with the family.  Seniors with memory recall issues often feel confused and disoriented, imagine how stressed they feel.

Socially engage (6) your elderly loved one, call them, let them hear your voice and know that you are there for them – this helps reduce their stress levels.  Over the next week, I am planning to take my grandmother out to experience the outdoors in North Austin.  It’s important that she knows that me and the family are there to always support her.  Make time to remain involved.


Source: Six healthy habits effective for preventing Alzheimer’s disease – sentinelblog

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